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Table 2 Land characteristics for participating households

From: Payments for ecological restoration and internal migration in China: the sloping land conversion program in Ningxia

  Converted land Non-converted land
Slope of the land (%)   
Flat 14.21 51.99
Gentle slope 26.26 24.94
Steep slope (more than 25 percent) 59.53 23.06
Minutes walk to plots 30.45 20.67
Land quality compared to other land within the village (%)   
Very good 2.50 17.88
Good 15.49 46.19
So-so 36.70 32.17
Bad 29.15 3.20
Very bad 16.16 0.55
Sample size (plots) 1,801 1,812
  1. Source: Survey data collected by Beijing Normal University and Hitotsubashi University in 2009.
  2. Notes: Land characteristics are only available for participating households. The survey asked participating households to report land characteristics for up to five plots for each category of land, converted or non-converted. Numbers reported in the table are averages over all declared plots in each category.