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Table 3 Effects of immigrants on natives working arrangements, 2SLS

From: Do immigrants squeeze natives out of bad schedules? Evidence from Italy

  (1) (2) (3)
Dependent Variable: Employed population (15‐64) Working‐age population(15‐64)
  Non‐Standard hours Log (Weekly Hours) Employment Rate
log (Foreign Population) ‐0.020*** 0.009 0.018**
  (0.006) (0.008) (0.009)
Observations 684,530 631,040 1,230,660
Mean of Dep.Var. 0.28 3.56 0.56
Standard errors in parentheses
*** p<0.01, ** p<0.05, * p<0.1
  1. Notes: The sample considered in the first two columns is the overall working age population (15‐64) employed at the time of the interview, while in columns 3 I consider the overall working age population (15‐64) including non‐employed individuals. 3. The dependent variables are: the probability of working at non‐standard hours (col.1), the logarithm of number of hours worked (col.2) and the likelihood of being employed (col.3). In the first two columns I used the baseline specification (col.4, Table 1). In the third column I cannot include sector dummies since I am considering the overall working‐age population. The data sources are LFS (2006‐2008), Municipal Records (2006‐2008), ISTAT Province Accounts (1995) and Minister of Interior for Residence Permits issued at the province level as of 1995.