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Table 2 Major religions among natives and first-generation immigrants in European countries and the United States, 2002-2010

From: Bridges or buffers? Motives behind Immigrants’ Religiosity

  Natives First-generation immigrants
Country First largest religion Second largest religion First largest religion Second largest religion
Austria Catholic Protestant Catholic Islam
Belgium Catholic Other-Christian Catholic Islam
Bulgaria Orthodox Islam Orthodox Islam
Croatia Catholic Orthodox Catholic Orthodox
Cyprus Orthodox Catholic Orthodox Catholic
The Czech Rep. Catholic Protestant Catholic Other-Christian
Denmark Protestant Other-Christian Islam Protestant
Estonia Protestant Orthodox Orthodox Catholic
Finland Protestant Other-Christian Protestant Orthodox
France Catholic Protestant Catholic Islam
Germany Protestant Catholic Catholic Islam
Greece Orthodox Islam Orthodox Islam
Hungary Catholic Protestant Catholic Protestant
Ireland Catholic Protestant Catholic Protestant
Italy Catholic Protestant Catholic Islam
Latvia Catholic Protestant Orthodox Catholic
Luxembourg Catholic Other-Christian Catholic Other-Christian
The Netherlands Catholic Protestant Islam Catholic
Norway Protestant Other Christian Islam Protestant
Poland Catholic Orthodox Catholic Islam
Portugal Catholic Other-Christian Catholic Other-Christian
Russia Orthodox Islam Orthodox Islam
Slovakia Catholic Protestant Catholic Protestant
Slovenia Catholic Protestant Catholic Orthodox
Spain Catholic Other-Christian Catholic Islam
Sweden Protestant Other-Christian Islam Protestant
Switzerland Protestant Catholic Catholic Protestant
Ukraine Orthodox Catholic Orthodox Islam
United Kingdom Protestant Catholic Catholic Islam
United States Evangelical- Protestant Catholic Catholic Evangelical-Protestant
  1. Source: ESS and GSS, waves 2002-2010.
  2. Note: Catholic refers to ‘Roman Catholic’. ‘Other-Christian’ is a Christian denomination other than Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox.