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Table 5 Balancing test for the estimation of IFEs a and common support b

From: Short-term training programs for immigrants in the German welfare system: do effects differ from natives and why?

  p >.1 p >.05 p >.01 # CS
Aptitude tests 50 53 57 57 429/448
Job search training 63 64 68 69 235/270
Skill provision 43 44 46 47 233/244
Combined programs 44 46 48 50 333/360
  1. aFigures denote number of regressors for which the balancing test was passed on the respective significance level indicated by column. The number of regressors included in the respective propensity score specification is presented in column #.
  2. bColumn CS displays the fraction of treated immigrants satisfying the common support condition on all treated immigrants in the respective sample. On support are those immigrants, whose propensity score is not smaller than the smallest and not larger than the largest propensity score in the respective group of treated native Germans. Treated immigrants, who are off support, are not used in the decomposition analysis.