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Table 1 Variable list and definitions

From: Ethnic capital and self-employment: a spatially autoregressive network approach

Human capital  
Labour market experience (Experience) This is a derived variable which is equal to an individual's current age minus the age of graduation.
Proficiency in English* Binary variable=1 proficient in English (self-reported).
Overseas self-employment experience This variable represents the years of overseas self-employment experience of immigrants.
High skilled* Binary variable=1 if that individual's highest education attainment is Bachelor or higher.
Personal characteristics  
Years Since Migration (YSM) This variable represents the duration of immigration.
Married* Binary variable=1 if married.
Children* Binary variable=1 if has children.
Own dwelling* Binary variable=1 if owns house/flat.
Manager & professional* Binary variable=1 if occupation is manager or professional.
Ethnic capital  
Ethnic network The weighted ethnic spatial lag (Wy. Refer to Section 3.1.2).
Ethnic concentration The lag of proportion of the population of a specific ethnic group to the total population size in a specific region (EC lk . Refer to Section 3.1.2)
  1. Note: *These variables are based on the first wave data.