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Table 1 States mandating universal use of E-Verify

From: Do state work eligibility verification laws reduce unauthorized immigration?

State Adoption date Implementation date Comments
Alabama June 2011 April 2012 Government contractors only in January–March 2012
Arizona July 2007 January 2008  
Georgia May 2011 January 2012 Size phase in
Mississippi March 2008 July 2008 Size phase in
North Carolina June 2011 October 2012 Size phase in
South Carolina June 2011 January 2012  
Utah March 2010 July 2010 Government employees and government contractors only in July 2009–June 2010
  1. Source: Based on Government contractors means businesses with state contracts (and their subcontractors in most states; conditional on contract size in some states). Only laws that require the use of E-Verify and do not offer another option, such as certifying or affirming employment eligibility, are listed here. Policies that apply to only government employees or contractors are not listed here except as noted