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Table 2 Select summary statistics for multiple-sibling migrants

From: The remittance behaviour of Kenyan sibling migrants

Variables All multiple-sibling migrants Remitters only Non-remitters only t test
Value of cash and in-kind remittances (Ksh) 35,950 (165,265) 72,522 (229,167)   
Value of cash and in-kind remittances by other siblings (Ksh) 67,493 (216,422) 85,665 (250,065) 49,630 (175,782) −2.209**
N 700 347 353  
  1. Notes to the table: (i) The fifth column contains a t test for the difference in means between non-remitters and remitters. (ii) Standard deviations are reported in parentheses. (iii) **represents the statistical significance of the difference for the 5 % significance level