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Table 3 The probability of remitting and the volume of remittances

From: The remittance behaviour of Kenyan sibling migrants

Variables Probability of remitting Remittance level
=1 if multiple-sibling migrant −0.058* −8226
(0.0339) (13,558)
=1 if sole-sibling migrant Ϯ Ϯ
Other control variables included Yes Yes
N 1092 542
R-squared   0.235
 Pseudo R-squared 0.3243  
  1. Notes to the table: (i) The second column reports the impact effect for the probability of remitting using a probit model based on the full sample of remitting and non-remitting siblings. The dependent variable is equal to 1 if a migrant remitted and 0 otherwise. The third column presents estimates for the remittance volume model based on OLS using the sample of non-zero remitters. Here, the dependent variable is the total amount of cash and in-kind remittances sent to the household measured in Kenyan shillings. (ii) *denotes statistical significance from zero at the 10 % level using a two-tailed test. (iii) Robust standard errors clustered by household are reported in parentheses. (iv) Ϯdenotes the base group. (iv) Other variables are included in these models but not shown here in order to conserve space (see text for details)