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Table 12 Elasticity estimates (immigrant-native)

From: Immigration and wages: new evidence from the African American Great Migration

Sample   1940–1960 1940–1970
Whites \(-\sigma _{i}^{-1}\) −0.05 −0.05
   (0.06) (0.04)
  N 117 156
Blacks \(-\sigma _{i}^{-1}\) 0.05 0.02
   (0.08) (0.05)
  N 117 156
Pooled \(-\sigma _{i}^{-1}\) −0.04 −0.04
   (0.06) (0.04)
  N 234 311
  1. Notes: Except where noted, wages and labor supplies are measured using all Northern labor. Standard errors for the estimates of σ i , σ r , and σ x are clustered by education-experience group (or race-education-experience groups for models that pool both races); standard errors for σ e are heteroskedasticity-robust. All regressions are weighted by the number of observations used to construct the dependent variable