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Table 8 – Occupations – what types of jobs do they include?

From: The impact of EU and Non-EU immigration on British wages

Corporate managers 11 Senior officials in national government, managers in construction, marketing and sales. IT managers
Managers and proprietors in agri and services 12 Farming managers, hotel managers, hairdressing and beauty salon managers
Science and technology professionals 21 Physicists, civil engineers, chemists
Health professionals 22 Doctors, dentists, vets
Teaching and research professionals 23 Higher education teachers
Business and public service professionals 24 Solicitors, lawyers, chartered accountants, librarians
Science and technology associate professionals 31 Technicians in labs, IT, building and civil engineering
Health and social welfare associate professionals 32 Nurses, pharmacists, physicians
Protective services (associate professionals) 33 Police, prison and fire services
Culture, media &sports (associate professionals) 34 Artists, actors, sports players
Business and public service (associate professionals) 35 Train drivers, estate agents, insurance underwriters
Administrative occupations 41 Credit controllers, data assistants, clerks
Secretarial and related (admin) 42 Medical, legal, company secretaries,
Skilled trades (agricultural) 51 Farmers, gardeners
Skilled trades (metal and electrical) 52 Electricians, telecoms engineers, computer maintenance
Skilled trades (construction and building) 53 Plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, roofers, plasterers
Skilled trades (textiles and printing) 54 Tailors, upholsters
Caring personal service occupations 61 Child-minders, nursery nurses, animal care assistants
Leisure and other personal service (caring) 62 Housekeepers, travel agents/assistants, caretakers,
Sales occupations 71 Sales assistants, check-out staff
Customer service occupations (sales) 72 Call centre staff
Process, plant & machine operatives 81 Clothing cutters, tyre fitters, coal mine operatives, plastic process operatives
Transport, mobile machine drivers & operatives 82 Crane drivers, taxi drivers, air/rail transport operatives
Elementary trades, plant and storage 91 Packers, labourers, goods storage
Elementary admin and service occs 92 Postmen, shelf fillers, car park attendants, cleaners road sweepers, bar staff, porters, waiters