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Table 16 Specialized occupation and field of study matches

From: Does it matter if immigrants work in jobs related to their education?

  Field of study code(s) Corresponding NOC code(s)
  Code Field name Code Occupation name
Architects 4.0201 Architecture C051 Architect
  4.0301 City/urban, community, and regional planning C053 Urban and landuse
  4.0601 Landscape architecture C052 Landscape architect
Education 13.0101 Education, general E121 College and other
     vocational instructors
    E130 Elementary/secondary
     school teachers n.e.c.
    E131 Secondary school
    E132 Elementary school
     and kindergarten
    E111 University professors
    E112 Post-secondary
     teaching and
     research assistants
    E121 College and other
     vocational instructors
    E130 Elementary/secondary
     school teachers n.e.c.
    E131 Secondary school
    E132 Elementary school
     and kindergarten
    E133 Educational
    E214 Instructors and
     teachers of persons
     with disabilities
    E215 Other instructors
Engineering 14.0201 Aerospace, aeronautical, and astronautical engineering   
  14.0701 Chemical engineering   
  14.08 Civil engineering C031 Civil engineer
  15.0201 Civil engineering technology/technician C131 Civil engineering
     technologists and
  14.0701 Chemical engineering C034 Chemical engineers
  14.1901 Mechanical engineering C032 Mechanical engineers
  14.09 Computer engineering C047 Computer engineer
     (except software
  14.0903 Computer software engineering C073 Software engineer
  14.3901 Geological/geophysical engineering C044 Geological engineer
Health 51.0401 Dentistry (DDS, DMD) D013 Dentist
  51.0603 Dental laboratory technology/technician D223 Dental technologists,
  51.0602 Dental hygiene/hygienist D222 Dental hygienists
     and therapists
  51.0601 Dental assisting/assistant D311 Dental assistant
  51.0101 Chiropractic (DC) D022 Chiropractor
  51.1201 Medicine (MD) D012 General practitioners
     and family physicians
    D011 Specialist physician
    D023 Other professional
     occupations in
     health diagnosing
     and treating
  51.1701 Optometry (OD) D021 Optometrists
  51.2001 Pharmacy (PharmD [USA],   
   PharmD or BSc/BPharm [Canada]) D031 Pharmacists
  51.2401 Veterinary medicine (DVM) D014 Veterinarians
  51.1601 Nursing/registered nurse (RN, ASN, BScN, MScN) D112 Registered nurse
  51.1605 Family practice nurse/nurse practitioner D233 Licensed practical
  51.081 Emergency care attendant (EMT ambulance) D234 Ambulance
     attendants and other
Skilled Trades 46.0101 Masonry/mason H131 Bricklayers
  46.0201 Carpentry/carpenter H121 Carpenters
  46.0503 Plumbing technology/plumber H111 Plumbers
  46.0502 Pipefitting/pipefitter and sprinkler fitter H112 Steamfitters, pipefitters, and
     sprinkler system installers
  46.0302 Electrician H211 Electricians (except industrial
     and power system)
    H212 Industrial electricians
  46.0303 Lineworker H214 Electrical power line and cable
    H215 Telecommunications line and
     cable workers
  46.0402 Concrete finishing/concrete finisher H132 Concrete finishers
  48.0501 Machine tool technology/machinist H311 Machinists and machining
     and tooling inspectors
  48.0506 Sheet metal technology/sheetworking H321 Sheet metal workers
  48.0507 Tool and die technology/technician H312 Tool and die makers
  48.0508 Welding technology/welder H326 Welders and related machine
  48.0509 Ironworking/ironworker H324 Ironworkers
  48.0801 Boilermaking/boilermaker H322 Boilermakers
  48.0303 Upholstery/upholsterer H511 Upholsterers
  47.0201 Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration/technician (HAC, HACR, HVAC, HVACR) H413 Refrigeration and air
     conditioning mechanics
  47.0603 Autobody/collision and repair technology/technician H422 Motor vehicle body repairers
  47.0604 Automobile/automotive mechanics technology/technician H421 Automotive service technicians,
     truck mechanics, and
     mechanical repairers
  49.0102 Airline/commercial/professional pilot and flight crew C171 Air pilots, flight engineers, and
     flying instructors
  49.0108 Flight instructor   
  49.0105 Air traffic controller C172 Air traffic control and related
  1. Occupations were classified according to the National Occupational Classification for Statistics 2006. Field of study was classified according to the Classification of Instructional Programs code (CIP Canada 2000)