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Table 8 Transitions and occupation switching

From: Labor market mobility and the early-career outcomes of immigrant men

  White natives Visible minority natives White immigrants Visible minority immigrants
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Fraction switching occupations between interviews
  0.162 0.223 0.258# 0.193
Fraction switching occupations when making a given transition
 New employer 0.713 0.793 0.910** 0.814
 Promoted with initial employer 0.142 0.386# 0.141 0.171
 Not promoted with initial employer 0.029 a 0.029 0.039
Fraction of occupation switchers in a group who made a particular transition
 New employer 0.591 b 0.770 0.684
 Promoted with initial employer 0.318 0.506 0.178 0.189
 Not promoted with initial employer 0.090 a 0.052 0.126
  1. Notes: The indicators for statistical significance refer to the differences between the statistic in each column and that in column (1) for white, Canadian-born men
  2. #Significant at the 15% level; *significant at the 10% level; **significant at the 5% level
  3. aFraction not released by Statistics Canada because the cell (visible minority natives who remain with the initial employer but were not promoted by who switch occupations between interviews) contains fewer than five individuals
  4. bFraction not released by Statistics Canada because in fractions in this column must sum to 1, meaning that the fraction of occupation switches accounted for by workers who were not promoted among visible minority natives if this fraction were released