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  1. Original article

    Immigrant assimilation and male labor market inequality

    At the height of the US civil rights movement in the mid-1960s, foreign-born persons were less than 1 % of the African-American population (Kent, Popul Bull, 62:4, 2007). Today, 16 % of America’s African diasp...

    Patrick L. Mason

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:17

    Published on: 12 September 2016

  2. Original article

    Dynamics of employment assimilation

    This paper investigates the dynamics of immigrants’ employment assimilation in comparison with the standard static assimilation model. When the effect of past employment experience on current employment possib...

    Alpaslan Akay

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:13

    Published on: 12 July 2016

  3. Original article

    The remittance behaviour of Kenyan sibling migrants

    This paper examines the remittance behaviour of multiple-sibling migrants and the motivations of Kenyan siblings in sending remittances to their household of origin. The presence of other siblings is found to ...

    Farai Jena

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:11

    Published on: 10 June 2016

  4. Research

    Spain: from massive immigration to vast emigration?

    Large immigration flows during the 1995–2007 period increased the weight of foreigners living in Spain to 12 % of the total population. The rapid increase in unemployment associated with the Great Recession an...

    Mario Izquierdo, Juan F. Jimeno and Aitor Lacuesta

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:10

    Published on: 27 May 2016

  5. Original article

    Income, amenities and negative attitudes

    We exploit the regional variation in negative attitudes towards immigrants to Sweden in order to analyse the consequences of negative attitudes on refugees’ utility from labour income and amenities. We find th...

    Gisela Waisman and Birthe Larsen

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:8

    Published on: 29 April 2016

  6. Original article

    Parents’ years in Sweden and children’s educational performance

    This paper assesses the intergenerational effect of immigrant parents’ incorporation experiences, measured as time in Sweden, on the educational performance of their children, using full Swedish population reg...

    Christopher D. Smith, Jonas Helgertz and Kirk Scott

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:6

    Published on: 29 March 2016

  7. Original article

    (Why) are immigrants unhappy?

    Recent studies suggest that migrants may be less satisfied with their ‘new’ lives than members of the host population and worry that this may be driven by cultural factors, such as feelings of not belonging. M...

    Zsóka Kóczán

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:3

    Published on: 11 February 2016

  8. Original article

    Remittances and child labor in Bolivia

    This article explores the effect of remittances on the prevalence and intensity of child labor in Bolivia. Using household survey data, we find that children in remittance-receiving households are less likely ...

    Michael Coon

    IZA Journal of Migration 2016 5:1

    Published on: 18 January 2016

  9. Original article

    Monitoring, endogenous comparative advantage, and immigration

    We propose a theory of free movement of goods and labor between two economies in the presence of moral hazard. Each country produces two final goods where the productive efforts of workers cannot be perfectly ...

    Dhimitri Qirjo

    IZA Journal of Migration 2015 4:24

    Published on: 29 December 2015

  10. Original article

    Immigrants and gender roles: assimilation vs. culture

    This paper examines evidence on the role of assimilation versus source country culture in influencing immigrant women’s behavior in the United States—looking both over time with immigrants’ residence in the Un...

    Francine D. Blau

    IZA Journal of Migration 2015 4:23

    Published on: 10 December 2015

  11. Original article

    Better migrants, better PISA results: Findings from a natural experiment

    Switzerland changed its migration policy in the 1990s from a “non-qualified only” policy to one of almost free movement of labor. To analyze the impact of this policy change on the schooling outcomes of childr...

    Maria A Cattaneo and Stefan C Wolter

    IZA Journal of Migration 2015 4:18

    Published on: 25 September 2015

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