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Correction to: immigration and the rate of population mixing: explorations with a stylized model

The Original Article was published on 13 September 2017

1 Correction to: IZA journal of development and migration (2017) 7:13 DOI:

In the original version of this article (Denton and Spencer 2017), published on 13 September 2017, three equations were incorrectly displayed. In this Correction the incorrect and correct display of these equations are shown. The original publication of this article has been corrected.

Originally the equations displayed on our website as followed:

$$ \Delta H = \mathrm{Births}\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{Deaths}\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( H, M\ \to\ U\right)\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( H, U\ \to\ U\right) $$
$$ \Delta M = \mathrm{Births}\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{Deaths}\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( M, H\ \to\ U\right)\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( M, U\ \to\ U\right) + \mathrm{New}\ \mathrm{Immigrants} $$
$$ \Delta U = \mathrm{Births}\ \hbox{--}\ \mathrm{Deaths} + \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( U\ \leftarrow\ H, M\right) + \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( U\ \leftarrow\ H, U\right) + \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( U\ \leftarrow\ M, H\right) + \mathrm{C}\mathrm{P}\mathrm{T}\left( U\leftarrow\ M, U\right) $$

The correct display of the equations is:

$$ \Delta H=\mathrm{Births}-\mathrm{Deaths}-\mathrm{CPT}\left(H,M\to U\right)-\mathrm{CPT}\left(H,U\to U\right) $$
$$ \Delta M=\mathrm{Births}-\mathrm{Deaths}-\mathrm{CPT}\left(M,H\to U\right)-\mathrm{CPT}\left(M,U\to U\right)+\mathrm{New}\kern0.5em \mathrm{Immigrants} $$
$$ \Delta U=\mathrm{Births}-\mathrm{Deaths}+\mathrm{CPT}\left(U\leftarrow H,M\right)+\mathrm{CPT}\left(U\leftarrow H,U\right)+\mathrm{CPT}\left(U\leftarrow M,H\right)+\mathrm{CPT}\left(U\leftarrow M,U\right) $$

These errors affected only the online display of the article. The PDF publication was unaffected.


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